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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bus Driver's to the Rescue..

I read about this in the USA today..cause that is what you do when you on a read the paper that you almost trip over in the morning in front of your hotel room door..

Truckers, toll takers, road crews and bus drivers are being recruited for homeland security.
They'll be trained as part of Highway Watch to keep their eyes open for anything from missing trailer loads to suspicious activity to people taking photos of strategic points of infrastructure.
The goal in Pennsylvania is to have 14,000 highway professionals watching for suspicious activity starting in the spring, according to the Transportation Security Administration, American Trucking Association and Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.

OK..bus drivers...of all the groups of people we have to mention. I mean has anyone ever been caught by a bus driver doing anything? I mean I know a kid you hung out a bus window (on a dare) the whole way to school and was never caught and now we are going to spend $$$ on training them to watch for terrorist? They can't even figure out who threw a twinke at them from the back of a bus, but they will watch over our country...c'mon.

Sorry if I offend any bus drivers...but there is a reason you are driving a bus and not working for the Department of Homeland Security. Actually, if you are a bus driver you can now tell people that you do work for the DHS..I would. Your title could be Clueless Mobile DHS Support...or something like that.

In other news..I saw in "IPOD We Trust" last night @ Second City in Novi, MI. I would give it two underpants on a scale of five underpants being fucking hilarious. They had two good skits, and one was about a office meeting with a heckler that was great..but overall I was not impressed.

Just got back from Houston, was there for 2 days...I think they have more adult clubs than Montreal...seriously..the call them cabarets, but they are everywhere. The NBA All-Star game was there this the whole town was crazy busy.

Also, in my couch potato state this morning I saw this on the travel channel and I think this may be a must attend least once. The World's Largest Disco Party..c'mon that has to be fun..1. I know Mark is in...he already has a perfect suit while I think I may just rent the traditional powder blue tux...does anyone know where I can find some goldfish heels?


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