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Sunday, March 13, 2005

How I Hate DHL!

I never felt so strongly about something in my whole life. DHL has some of the worst customer service and policies I've ever come across. I've been dealings with them for about 10 months and I am at my wits end. My girlfreind won't even listen to me complain about it anymore so I have to vent my frustrations to this site and my buddies.

Last April, yeah I know that's almost a year ago, I received at package sent to via DHL and also received a bill. Not sure why I got a bill, doesn't the shipper pay that? Anyway..that is another story. Since I didn't ask for the package and it was sent to me anyway I refused to pay and told DHL to go after the shipper. Case closed.....wrong.

A few months later I get a bill for five bucks from DHL. What? I'm mildly upset, but no big deal. I Call DHL to find out why I have a bill for five bucks. They tell me because I paid the original bill late. Remember, I didn't pay the bill somebody else did the shipper! We'll take a look into this and get back to in thirty days after we research this.

Thirty days later I received a DHL envelope in the mail. Opening it and excited to see what the resolution is I was greatly disapointed. Surprise! No resolution, another bill for ten bucks this time. Two five dollar late fees. I call customer service again and I am told they can't stop the bill cycles, but I can put in a another complaint about the other five dollars and we can try and get another resolution. Sure, why not I tell her and ask her to reference the other complaint number in this other complaint.

Maybe some genius will realize that I will keep on receiving five dollar notices unless they move faster than their thirty day turn time. I was wrong. Their are no genesis available at DHL or even some one to resolve a problem in a timely manner. Like clockwork another bill comes this time for 15 dollars. I've had it. I want to drive their yellow trucks off the road and when I see theory trucks parked outside my office I day dream of slashing their tires.

I about to have a complete breakdown so I decide to pay the bill. My check is cashed. Now I can sleep at night and hot have to flip off every DHL driver on the road that I see like it's my job.Thirty days later a bill comes for five dollars. I mailed my payment on the 29th of the month and they cashed it on the 16th. Too bad the account cycled on the 15th. I call them up and go immediately to a supervisor who assures me that all of this will be resolved and I will not have to pay anymore fees (they should give me my money back!) as long as I can send him a copy of my check that was cashed. Yeah, like this is the 80's and banks still do that. I gave him my check number and told him to fix it.

The next day I got a bill in the mail for five bucks....I realize that it went out before the phone conversation so after a couple a deep breaths I place it my DHL file. Which is now thicker than any other file I have in my filing cabinet. We'll have to wait and see but I have DHL's supervisor name and direct number if another bill some. Unfreakinbelievable!

Sometimes I dream of a DHL delivery person coming to my door with a package that needs to be signed for so I can waste hours of their time like they have done to me. My birthday is coming up..maybe that is what I will ask for...

I will never ship a package through DHL as long as I live.


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